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We Love the NewTek VS 4000

NewTek TalkShow VS 4000 Multi-Channel Video Calling System - Go Live Australia

The Newtek 4000 is by far, one of the most valuable hardware systems we rent andsell. The NewTek Talkshow VS 4000 Multi-Channel video calling system, allows youto simultaneously include up to four guests in real time from anywhere in theworld, by using the Skype cloud platform. The interaction between guests hasminimal latency and up to full- HD quality vision, so the

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Video Camera Rental

Panasonic 4k AG – UX 180 Premium Professional Camcorder - Go Live Australia

Do you have an event coming up and looking for a video camera hire house in Sydney to rent a camera from? Go Live have been renting out quality high definition cameras for over 2 years now, and providing many organizations with the hardware and advise to shoot their events and functions, enabling them to capture the action, product or

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How Australian Businesses are Creating Buzz by Live Streaming Events

We find, some organisations try and use strategies that have been around for a long time, including advertising in the newspapers, billboards, radio or other advertising techniques that have been used for a long time. Although, now is the time to think outside the box and be an innovator, utilising different marketing techniques that can expose your brand and content

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NewTek 3play 425

NewTek 3Play 425 Full Unit Replay System with Controller - Go Live Australia

Hosting a sports event or production and need a solution for an instant- replay slow- motion in your production. The 3Play 425 Full Unit Replay system with controller from NewTek is a 6- channel instant- replay slow- motion HD server with a controller unit designed to use in control rooms, production vehicles or a location of your choice. Not only

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Live streaming, how does it work?

NewTek TriCaster Advanced Edition Digital Download - Go Live Australia

Some of the most common questions we are asked are, what is live video streaming? Alternatively, how can I stream a live video myself? These are common questions, with a lot client’s explaining they are confused about how the whole technical side with lives streaming works. Put simply, we set up multiple cameras within an area, being in a conference

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Video Camera hire Sydney.

Canon XF205 HD Camcorder - Go Live Australia

Have a future event, and looking for a video camera hire company in Sydney to rent a camera from? Go Live have been renting out quality high definition cameras at the most affordable prices for over two years, plus providing many organisations with the High definition hardware and consultancy advise that is essential when capturing an event as professional as

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AJA ha5-plus


The Aja ha5-plus brings together a full range of monitoring and recording solutions for using in either an edit suite, on set or for a live event. The Aja ha5- plus comprises of a convenient USB setup using AJA Mini config, making it compatible with either Mac or PC for easy remote configuration. This is all possible as the HDMI

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We hire Vision Switchers

Livestream HD550 with Carry Bag - Go Live Australia

Have you thought about hosting your own live stream? In case you have, did you also think about the equipment needed to host a professional live streaming event with quality sound and vision? The perception is, hosting your own live stream is easy and can be done by live streaming a conference or event from a phone or IOS and

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Live Auctions

Ever been to an auction, we have, and it can be scary and exciting at the same time. You see people with a phone stuck to their ear and think, wow; someone is making a decision to buy a product or real-estate purchase on someone else behalf from a phone. Plus they are missing the visual excitement of the Auction.

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Live Streaming Melbourne conference

Recently Go Live Australia live-streamed an event in Melbourne for a National organisation in the medical services industry. Our live streaming services were a great way to link staff from all around the country without having to bring everyone together at a great expense. The significant efficiency allowed the organisation to save on cost, plus save by utilizing our live

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